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For reviewers

Reviewers play an important role in ensuring the quality of papers published in our collection. Please read below the general guidelines for reviewing articles in Multidisciplinary Approaches in Education and Rehabilitation (MPER):
1.    Purpose of the review: The main goal of the review is to evaluate the quality and value of the article and to give constructive and honest feedback to the authors.
2.    Feedback: Please provide your feedback in a constructive, fair and clear manner. Include your comments, criticisms, and praise in detail to help the authors improve the article. You should also make clear and specific suggestions for improvement where possible.
3.    Objectivity: Please write your report in an objective manner. The review should be unbiased, based on facts and analysis of the article.
4.    Confidentiality: Please treat all article and report information as confidential and do not share it with others without the express permission of MPER.
5.    Conflict of Interest: Please notify us if there is any conflict of interest that could affect your ability to review the article.
6.    Deadlines: Please adhere to the deadlines we have set for article review.

You can download the review form here.
If you have any questions or concerns about the article review, please contact us at

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