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We invite researchers and scholars to submit their original contributions to the MPER Journal at any time throughout the year. As soon as your paper is accepted, it will be made available online, ensuring timely access to your valuable research. Please send your manuscripts to Submissions are welcomed on an ongoing basis, with no specific deadline.

Multidisciplinary Approaches in Education and Rehabilitation

ISSN:  2831-137X (online)

ISSN: 2637-3270 (print)

Journal description


MPER: Multidisciplinary Approaches in Education and Rehabilitation, proudly published by the Association of Special Educators STOL, has been a cornerstone in the field of special education and rehabilitation since its inception in 2019. As a seminal journal, MPER has dedicated itself to exploring groundbreaking educational-rehabilitation techniques and innovative approaches to learning and developmental. With its partnership with the Association of Special Educators STOL and under the editorial leadership of Haris Memisevic, Ph.D., the journal remains committed to advancing research without the burden of author fees for published articles. We continue to invite contributions that push the boundaries of theory and practice in special education, psychology, pedagogy, social work, medicine and other sciences. This focus ensures that MPER remains at the forefront of research and practice in special education and rehabilitation.


Azize Šaćirbegović 80, 71000 Sarajevo

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